There is no generic wheelchairs in Malaysia that can fit every single individual. When choosing a wheelchair, you should also take these factors into consideration:

  • Weight capacity – It’s important to select a chair that is able to support the individual’s full weight.  Most standard wheelchairs in the KL market today have a 100kg capacity, but there are many models available with much higher limits.
  • Overall dimensions of the chair – You want to be sure you choose a chair that will fit through the corridors in your home. While you might want a small size wheelchair, a bigger dimension wheelchairs can also be more comfortable for the individual
  • Material/Upholstery – The wheelchair chair seat are available with nylon or vinyl upholstery.  Both are comfortable and easy to care for, but if you have a preference, check this detail before finalising your purchase of a wheelchair.
  • Frame Material – Wheelchairs usually have either an aluminum, chrome or steel frame.  Steel and chrome frames tend to be much more sturdy, durable and long-lasting than aluminum ones. While aluminum ones are always much lighter and more portable
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